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MRA Property Notices

Respect our neighbors and all private property

The MRA has 1200 acres of trails, plus BLM access for our riding pleasure. We are currently working on more land acquisitions in the near future to add hundreds of more acres to the MRA riding property.

The MRA has neighbors and we have a good relationship with them. Some of which have even given easements to cross their property with some of our trails. We want to keep it that way. There are signs, fences and trees crossing trails on the borders of MRA land that warn you it's private property.

Recently there has been a major issue with riders going down beyond the green gate that is below the radar tower (top of Walker) and riding down John's Peak Road.  Some riders are going beyond these signs and riding into peoples yards and tearing up roads. They have total disregard for their property. We can't have this continue. We understand there are trails down in that area, but it is now off limits. One of the other issues is people veering off the Cabin trail from Pair-A-Dice staging area. This is one of those easement trails that we have with one of our neighbors.  People are ripping the orange fencing and signs down and hill climbing up into his yard. This also has to stop. 

See the map below and this will give you a good reference where it's off limits. 

Please be kind to our neighbors and stick to MRA and BLM trails. onX OffRoad and onX Hunt are a great tools if you are not sure if you're on private property or not. If you aren't sure, don't go and turn around.

If you see people riding in areas that are closed and are able to take pictures you can share those with us. You will be kept anonymous! You can reach out by clicking on this link to any of the MRA Board of Directors or reply to this email.

The Sheriff deputies now have dirt bikes and have started patrolling on the Peak. They will not be happy if they find you on these private properties.

Thank you for all you do to support the MRA.

 Riding and Camping - Fire Restrictions

RIDING DURING FIRE SEASON - John's Peak OHV is private property and not governed by
ODF, however we do follow their guidelines in respects to spark arrestors, staying on vegetation free trails and carrying a fire extinguisher during fire season.
The area is open, but we hope people use common sense and make good decisions with respect to fire danger. Please check the ODF Fire levels before riding. 

Motor vehicles, including motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles, are only permitted on improved roads free of flammable vegetation. Possession of the following firefighting equipment is required while traveling, except on state highways, county roads and driveways: one shovel and one gallon of water or one shovel and one 2½ pound or larger fire extinguisher. All-terrain vehicles and motorcycles must be equipped with one 2½ pound or larger fire extinguisher.

  • Exception: Class I & III All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) are permitted to travel without a tool, water or extinguisher when operating on designated trails within the designated area.
  • Class II ATVs must carry a shovel AND fire extinguisher or water.
  • Class IV ATVs must carry a fire extinguisher at all times.

    CAMPING AT LILY PRAIRIE -  Camping is first come first serve. All camping is primitive and there is no water available. There are vault toilets.  We would prefer if you were an MRA member to camp at Lily Prairie. That way you are informed with events, notices or projects going on up at the Peak. Make sure all your OHV have current stickers and spark arrestors.  The Sheriff has been patrolling the mountain and will be checking.  Please check the ODF fire level in regards to camp fire restrictions. Again there is no water available. Be sure your camp fire is put out before you leave.

    Please do not burn pallets anywhere on the Peak! 

Permits are required for all riders

An ATV permit must be displayed on an ATV operated on public land specifically designated for ATV use.

Applies to Class I, II, III and IV ATV.

Valid for two years. Permits can be purchased at many sporting goods stores or ATV dealerships (find a vendor here).

You can also purchase on line at https://store.oregonstateparks.org/

YSEP certification required for riders 15 and under

Kids must pass a hands-on safety evaluation test in order to ride on Oregon public lands.

For more details, please go to http://ysep.omraoffroad.com/

or contact our Jackson county representative:

Travis Hersha (541) 292-7268

Email: thersha7878@outlook.com

Motorcycle Riders Association, PO Box 912, Jacksonville, OR 97530

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